The Conquerors Wiki


The Graphical User Interface(or just GUI), by times called HUD or simply Interface, consists of all information showed on the screen while the player is playing the game. It carries important information like the mini-map, the Diplomacy Tab, the Timer, etc..


Basic Interface Elements


Basically a stationary image of the map you're playing on with colored circles and squares representing, respectively, players in your alliance and everyone's units and buildings. Stealth units(e.g.: Submarines and Stealth Bombers) only appear on the mini-map of the players that are in the same alliance as the one who built it, and, of course, on the mini-map of the owners themselves.

Water is always represented with light blue, pieces of land are shown as light green with a few variants(red if on Mars, grey if on Moon, etc.), while hills have a darker green color.


A really basic yet needed feature. It shows, in minutes, for how much time the game has been running. A game cannot exceed 240 minutes(4 hours), and will automatically end when that mark is reached.

Player List

The player list shows the name of the five players in-game(seven if on 4vs4), with their current team color as the backgrounds, with one's name being on the top for themselves. Allies will have a small button on their side, which allows you to donate money to them.

Diplomacy Tab

The diplomacy tab allows you to send alliance requests to other people in your match, it also shows all the current alliances in the match and alliance requests from other people. Keep in mind that you cannot, by any means undo an ally request or leave an alliance during the entirety of a match.

This tab doesn't show up during the entirety of a 4vs4 game because of how allies are selected, you will have to join one of two already made up alliances. This is also the case in some few normal Conquest maps.

Capacity Tab

Capacity, which can also be referred to as Population, is a game mechanic that is always displayed in the top bar, it shows how many of a certain type of unit or structure you have and the maximum amount of it, the maximum amount for units can also be increased by making Houses. For more details, head to the Capacity page, which can be found here.


The chat lets you talk with the other players in your match or players in your current alliance. You can select "Global" to talk with all players in your game, or "Ally" to talk only with players in your alliance.

In-Game Menus and Settings

Create Buildings/Buildings List

This is a simple element that allows you to make buildings other than the default Command Center, it can be accessed by clicking on it or by pressing "e" on your keyboard. Once it shows up, all buildings will be shown with their price tags below them, they will also be sorted by building type.

Income Tab

Here you can see your current Income and the amount of money you have available.

Setting and Misc. List:


The settings can be accessed by clicking on the little cog icon on the side, in there you can change hotkeys and customize the interface as you please.


The profile tab shows stats about the player in question, like level and amount of time played.


Useless, just press "c" instead. Although, what this was supposed to do is unselect all your selected units and buildings, as seen by the name.


There you can see the top players for different categories, such as time played or amount of coins.


The shop is the place where all coins gotten in the end of the game or through other means are wasted. Things can also be bought with robux if wanted to.

Skins can also be enabled there, while almost all packs can be bought with robux.