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The Heavy Soldier is one of the most used, if not the most used unit in The Conquerors 3. Due to it being useful in most situations, Heavy Soldiers are typically the go-to units for both attacking and defending bases and other units. They are the backbone of many armies. Like every soldier unit in TC3, it cannot cross water unless garrisoned inside a Transport Ship, HovercraftTransport PlaneHelicopter, or Aircraft Carrier.


Versatile and cheap, the Heavy Soldier can be used aggressively and defensively with great impact in the early game. Heavies (a common nickname) are also used to scare/intimidate other players; some players would build a barracks and produce Heavies, instead of making power plants at the beginning of the round. They then attack other players' Power/Nuclear plants and may then pretend to attack their base in hopes of making the enemy quit. This strategy, while useful on gullible "newbie" players, is not recommended. Not only does it put you behind on income early in the game (the most crucial time), but you will fail to kill the base within the first 20 minutes, and it goes without saying that your heavy soldiers would most definitely be decimated by the opposing Command Center, leaving you without income and defenses.


  • Their low cost and production time means that you should generally have as many of these as possible.
  • The main exceptions are early-game, where your resources should be focused on making Power Plants and Nuclear Plants, or whenever you need special units such as Construction Soldiers.
  • Moving damaged soldiers behind the army and then back into range allows the damaged ones to continue adding damage instead of dying, allowing their commander to get more use out of the army.
  • They are actually some of the most powerful units in the game, having more DPS (Damage Per Second) than Heavy Tanks. However, because your opponents will usually have around the same amount of Heavy Soldiers, other units are often still necessary for victory.


  • To show that they are more durable than their light counterparts, they appear to be covered in metal plates.
  • It takes 3 heavy soldiers to destroy a turret, 5 to destroy a fort and 7 to destroy a post-20 minute command center.
  • Like their light counterparts, they appear equipped with some form of a M4 carbine.
  • The Heavy Soldier was in The Conquerors, The Conquerors 2, and The Conquerors Mark 2.


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